Our Vision

Welcome to Midtown Health Sciences. (MHS)

MHS is a Supports Agency based in Windsor, ON offering a variety of customized supports, tailored to fit your needs. From personal supports, respite care, psychotherapy and addictions help for people of all ages; we work closely with individuals, agencies and families to ensure the most accessible quality service that focuses on everyone's abilities and differences.

Our goal is to promote independence, responsibilities, life and social skills to help you be as successful as possible.

“At Midtown, we’re like a family-- and we understand the importance of safe, quality care for you and your loved ones. We believe in promoting natural supports, positive relationships, as well as growth and recovery. MHS was built on the foundation that when you have access to ongoing, consistent supports and services; you will gain the skills and confidence to thrive and achieve future goals. Our trauma informed team specializes in multiple disciplinary fields and we work with you and other local organizations to ensure you receive the best supports possible. We’re here to help and make a difference, one person at a time.”

Katie Radford

CEO Midtown Health Sciences

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