Introducing Passport ONE


PassportONE was created by the Ontario government and Passport agencies to improve the Passport Service experience by making invoice processing and reimbursements faster and more efficient.  This new approach to Passport payment processing includes consolidating the back office financial functions associated with Passport into a newly created agency called PassportONE.

Your local Passport agency will continue to be your point of contact for the Passport program. However, with the implementation of PassportONE, all invoices and receipts submitted for reimbursement will be sent to PassportONE for payment. Your Passport coordinator will contact you to explain how these changes will affect you.

When will the change begin?

PassportONE will be fully implemented by April 1 2019.

What will change with PassportONE?

Invoices and receipts can be submitted at any time during a fiscal year;

Reimbursements will be processed faster; allowing you more time to navigate services and supports.

New Client Information Forms

As part of these changes we are introducing updated documents and new forms for you to fill out as you make the change to PassportONE for invoice submission and payment. The information on the forms will help to process your invoices faster, and serve you better.

Copies of the new forms can be obtained from the Passport Coordinator. Your Passport Coordinator can answer any questions you may have about the new forms. 

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