Counselling Services

At MHS, we offer customized and confidential trauma-informed counselling for people 10 years of age and older.  

 We have a team of professionals who have a sincere desire for all people to feel confident in their ability to cope, survive, thrive and earnestly enjoy life. 

Please know that we are here, available and willing to meet you wherever you are in life and join the walk with you as you navigate your journey.  You don’t need to struggle alone any further.  We are here for you. 

MHS Counselling program offers the following services:

  • General counselling

  • Family therapy for adults and children (16+)

  • Trauma Services

  • Addictions Dependence

General Counselling

We offer single session consultations and on-going counselling.

Counselling Services can help you with:

  • how to understand and manage a wide range of emotional difficulties

  • communication with partners, children/youth, parents and others

  • developing constructive approaches to various challenges in life

  • skills to manage stress, anxiety and depression

  • developing more meaningful and useful community connections

  • dealing with relationship conflicts

  • adjusting to the immigration and refugee experience

  • coping with trauma which may include sexual or physical abuse, neglect and violence and witnessing traumatic events

Trauma Services

At MHS we offer confidential trauma counselling and psychotherapy to adult men and women. The trauma may have been a result of the following;

  • Childhood or adult abuse; emotional, physical or sexual

  • Neglect, failure to receive the necessities of life or services

  • Violence; relationship violence or  social/political violence

  • An accident or other traumatic event

  • Witnessing a  traumatic event

By talking about your experience in a safe and accepting environment we can help you with the following:

  • overcoming symptoms of trauma which may include anxiety or depression

  • working through feelings of shame, betrayal and anger

  • developing your self-worth and self-esteem

  • learning how to manage intense emotions

  • finding more satisfaction and enjoyment in life

  • developing your skills at being an attentive and confident parent

  • exploring and coping with sexual difficulties

  • managing your interactions with the person(s) who caused the trauma

  • providing you with suggested readings and resource material

Our staff is familiar with counseling and therapy approaches that are conducive to healing from trauma, and may include body/mind relaxation strategies.


Fees are charged on a sliding scale based on household income and are designed to be accessible for all income ranges for anyone living or working in the city of Windsor. MHS fees are required to supplement the funding that we receive for this service. Private Insurance billing is also available.

to book an appointment please call our office:

(519) 252-6600